Creado por: Stem Cell Anti Aging Telephone: USA TOLL FREE 1-877 865 5501 From USA 011 52 (664) 972 9670 Tij Local Call 972 9670 Welcome to our internal rejuvenation program where we use the knowledge of traditional medicine, biological medicine and alternative medicine in combination, providing you with the cutting edge of medicine from around the world. Chelation therapy is safe, non-painful and is administered on an out-patient basis. Treatment involves a series of 5 to 20 infusions a year, each infusion lasting from 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours.   We are often asked about the magnificent results of our therapy and the answer is in the combination of chelating agents used in our formula, making the difference with the rest of the treatments available in the market. It all starts when some of the components of the chelating formula meet up with toxic substances, then the material is sequestered and secreted in bodily wastes. It has been established that when the body is rid of toxic metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum) it is better able to return to health. Thanks to its ability to remove calcium an ingredient in arterial plaque it for hardening of the arteries, and hence for heart disease and a variety of pr from poor circulation, including leg cramps and gangrene. Advocates have as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, psoriasis, and cancer, and often rec boost energy, improve mental alertness, and prevent strokes. The following are but few of the many benefits traceable to the chelation treatment.  * Improved circulation  * Reduction of liver produced cholesterol  * Lowered insulin requirements in diabetics  * Reduced high blood pressure  * Normalization of cardiac arrhythmias  * Relief from leg muscle cramps  * Reduction in allergic symptoms  * Normalized weight  * Enhanced sensory performance  * Fewer excessive heart contractions  * Fewer aches and pains- arthritic or otherwise  * Hair loss stopped or reversed  * Reduced need for diuretics  * Memory concentration improved Cold extremities     warmed  * Chronic fatigue syndrome overcome In the comfort of our office a medical history is performed following the protocol of the European College of Biological Medicine, we have in our office a full laboratory where a board certified chemist will examine your cells levels and condition in order to give you the best possible report. If the purpose of the treatment is maintenance of a healthy body we will suggest a healthy diet and exercise routine along with vitamin and supplements that you can get at any herbal or health store. If the purpose of the treatment is to get ride or stabilize an illness we will complement the treatment that you are following or start one of our Combinations. At the end of the treatment we will give you a full health evaluation report providing you with the best option for your prompt recovery or good health maintenance. The art of cellular therapy as an answer for a well being  in survival of cancer and other degenerative disease.